Reception visited Wimpole Hall on Monday this week.  Rebecca Simon, Reception Teacher, said:

‘We had an exciting day at Wimpole Farm today, in the beautiful October sunshine. We started by walking down through the woods to the Farm, we found crunchy leaves to walk through, fairy houses and a secret children’s path! When we got to the Victorian stumpery, we used our imagination to think about what the stumps looked like. We saw dragon’s claws, emus and stalks.

When we got to the farm, we saw the pigs and even some brand-new piglets that were only born yesterday. We visited the scampering goats and then headed off the sit out and eat our lunch. After lunch there was time to play and explore by the trees and play on the combine harvester. Then we met Jasper the Shire horse. He had been out pulling the carriage. We each got the stroke him on the nose, which was very soft. We explored the old farm machinery and learnt about how horses were used to do all the hard work in the fields. We then went exploring and found sheep, chicken, goats, cows and donkeys.

Finally, we walked up to the walled garden. On our way we collected lots of pinecones and different types of leaves. Once in the garden we made a face using the natural materials we had collected as well as more we found in the garden. Lastly, we wound our way through the gardens, finding letters hiding the flower beds and looking at all the autumn produce growing there. We saw gigantic pumpkins, massive marrows, apples, pears and even figs. Walking slowly back through the grounds we wound our way back to the minibus, tired but happy after a brilliant day!’