On Tuesday 21 September children across the Junior School marked Peace Day, an international day that provides a platform for young people across the world to create positive impact through their natural gifts and talents. The children all took part in yoga workshops in the afternoon and:

  • Children in the Nursery (Monte) talked to each other and their teachers about kindness and how we can use our hands to be kind friends.  They made some hand prints using different coloured paint and used them to write the word ‘Kind’.
  • Reception (K Group) looked at symbols of peace, the Dove and the CND symbol. Then they looked at their feet and hands and how they are all different. They painted their feet and made footprints to decorate a dove, making it as unique as we all are!
  • Year 1 (J Group) learnt about what Peace Day is and discussed some of the symbols used to represent peace. They used their bodies to spell the word ‘CALM’, and then created some dove paintings using hand prints and some decoration.
  • Year 2 (H-Group) took part in two activities: First they looked at different cultures from around the world and their traditional outfits. They then made their own people, and talked about how everybody in the world fits in together, regardless of where they are from. H-Group liked the idea that we are all linked and decided to link their people around a picture of the world to show this. The children then talked about symbols of peace and chose to use a sign of peace made with fingers to create their own mindfulness drawings and colouring, whilst thinking about what peace means to them.
  • Year 3 (G group) spent some time thinking about what peace and hope means to them and the wider world. They enjoyed making a collage of peace symbols and writing acrostic poems of different peace words.
  • Year 4 (F Group) made ‘Mindful’ Peace Doves, using the meditative process of mindful colouring to bring awareness into the present moment by consciously focusing on colour and design.
  • Year 5 (E Group) learnt about campaigning and ways of getting attention for the changes they feel passionate about. They also enjoyed creating their own piece of Banksy art on the theme of peace.
  • In Year 6 (D Group), the children discussed what peace looks like to them. They talked about triggers for conflict from the playground to the House of Commons. They discussed conflict surrounding racism, sexism and religion and what it means to have reconciliation, tolerance and acceptance. The children drew what peace looks like to them on letters which spell out ‘kind’, ‘love’, ‘support’ and ‘understanding’.