On a sunny Monday this week our Reception class (K Group) jumped into the mini bus for a trip to Ashwell freshwater springs.

They were off to explore the water sources and the environment for different wildlife and were fully prepared for a British summer trip, decked out in full waterproofs and wellies!

First the children explored all of the seven springs and watched the water bubble up from the ground. Some made dams to stop the water flowing down one waterfall and move in another direction. Other children went on a trip across the stepping-stones, and soon everyone wanted a go!

The children found fallen tree trunks, which they could get on and jump off back into the water. They then used buckets and nets to find what wildlife was in the water, and found fish, shrimp, and water worms.

After changing back into nice dry clothes, everyone had a picnic lunch, while sheltering from the inevitable rain.

A fantastic day out!

Rebecca Simon, K Group teacher