On Friday Year 5 (E Group) were delighted to receive a special letter from Sir David Attenborough.

The Year 5 topic this term is ‘Our Changing World’ and as part of this they have been looking at climate change and the environment.

Lydia’s class made postcards for Sir David Attenborough and put a lot of thought and care into their design and content. The children told him about St Chris, the Be Green Club and all the ways we try to minimise our impact on the environment.

In response, he wrote: “I am truly delighted that the children in your School should have sent me such charming letters. They have given me great pleasure. It is a joy to think that they, under your guidance, should have listened to what I have been trying to say about the problems that people have been creating for the natural world and to read of their determination to put things right.”

They were thrilled to receive such a lovely, personal letter from him – it definitely made everyone’s day!