Thank you to everyone who has submitted entries for our Community Creative Masks competition. We’ve had some great entries from pupils, parents and from other schools too, and the art department will be sharing them all with you, and the winners of the different categories, in due course.

In the meantime, here are some lovely submissions from our Year 12 students Immy, Isabelle and Jack!

  • ‘Underwater Paradise’, by Immy. Immy’s mask makes a statement about living organisms and particularly coral bleaching. Under the seas life is thriving once more, as humans have been locked down. ‘Below sea level a sort of paradise is beginning to re-grow’. Immy used fabrics, beads, sequins, copper wire, ink and iridescent paint.
  • ‘Dystopian Planet’, by Isabelle. Issy based her mask on steampunk designs, and tried to represent a person living in a dystopian world, which is very relevant to life at the moment! She was also inspired by sci-fi films like Alien.
  • ‘Flower Garden Girl’, by Jack  “inspired by my nan’s allotment, the flowers burst out of the mask in representation of how creativity can bust out even in some of the hardest times”