Week 8 (w/c 1 7 March 2021): 10 Activity Circuit Challenge
Complete 10 coordination and fitness activities for a set time, performing as many accurate repetitions as you can, hopefully achieving Gold level (after some practice, if not the first time).

Equipment Needed:
A ball (or pair of socks, cuddly toy or toilet roll would do!)
A hoop (or something to draw out/mark out a circle shape on the floor)
A chair or stool (that’s secure on the floor)
5 cones (or other objects/pairs of socks that you can use as markers)
Record Sheet

Rules/How to Take part
Please see the individual teaching points (and timings) on the activity sheets; there is also optional extensions to the tasks if you want to increase your challenge level!  You can keep track of your achievements and progress on the pre-prepared record sheet here: Week 8 10 Activity Challenge Tracking Sheet

Burpees Challenge
Squat Jump Challenge
The Plank Challenge
Tuck In Tuck Out Challenge
Zig Zag Relay
Around The World Challenge
Catch And Clap
Fast Feet
Socks In The Box
Step In Step Out

Remember: please only to take part with people permitted in Government guidance; currently only those in your own household or with one other person outside.

Variations:  You can, of course, vary any of the activities mentioned above to suit the needs/experience/age of the people playing, eg. the Tuck in/out challenge can easily be performed on the floor instead (keeping your hands on the floor behind you, just behind your hips).

Share your experience! Please email in a photo of you playing your cricket game to fitnessfun@stchris.co.uk