Week 7 (22 – 28 February 2021): St Chris Remote Learning PE Challenge

The Home Pentathlon:  You (and members of your household, if they’d like!) complete five events at home; you enter your results into a spreadsheet and get an overall score.  Can you repeat this activity several times in a week, or across a few weeks, to improve your personal score or the score of your family?

Equipment Needed:

  • Measuring tape, or equivalent to measure up to 5m
  • Markers x2
  • Stopwatch (your phone’s timer will be fine!)
  • Chalk (or equivalent; or someone to mark with their finger) to measure how high you can jump up a wall
  • Kitchen roll/toilet rolls x2 (to act as a ‘wedge’ in your speed bounce)


Variations: Please do vary any of the activities mentioned above to suit the needs/experience/age/equipment availability of the people taking part.

Week 7 Home Pentathlon Events Instructions

Week 7 Home Pentathlon Results Sheet

REMEMBER: please only take part with people permitted in Government guidance; currently only those in your own household.  Though you could challenge others virtually across Teams/Zoom!

Share your experience!  Please email in your results (we could have a St Chris Leaders Board!), or a photo of you taking part to fitnessfun@stchris.co.uk