Last week, Food and Nutrition teacher Becky Belson, set the St Chris community the challenge of baking an animal shaped bread for our Friday Funday Challenge… and many have risen to it! (dah dum dah dum)

Some breads were absolutely fantastic and easily identifiable…for others lockdown has, as for many of us, taken its toll. (See Byron and Cordy’s “fish”)

We’ve had hedgehogs, turtles, prehistoric sea creatures, a crocodile, a bird with a worm in its mouth, sitting in a nest alongside three eggs, a spider, a  caterpillar with spring onion stalks, cashew nut legs and raisin eyes, a lion, a giraffe, Max’s excellent ‘Demon Dog’, and a cobb…that was supposed to be a fish.

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part particularly the following pupils and their families: Ronnie (Year 2) and his younger brother Stanley; Mabel and Max (Year 6); Bart (Year 4); Leo, Lara and Alfie (Year 7); Ray (Year 9); Becky Belson and family; Jenny Savage; Byron and Cordy!

We hope the breads were as delicious as they looked!