At the start of this term, as part of the change in operating procedures linked to keeping pupils and staff safe in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, and as with many catering establishments, our catering team changed the way they ran our lunch service provision so that pupils used disposable cutlery and crockery.

The team sourced the most environmentally friendly single use cutlery and plates, however the Be Green Club, while understanding the change, didn’t like all the waste.

Our pupils wrote letters to the St Chris House Services Manager to ask if there was a way to stay safe and have the old china crockery and metal cutlery back.

Our cartering team took the request on board and have set up new systems to enable this to happen, and we now generate less waste at lunchtime.

Lydia, Be Green Lead in the Junior School, said: “It just goes to show that you CAN change things if you campaign and work together to solve problems!”

On the first day of the new regime, pupils gave three cheers to the catering team. Well done Be Green and thank you to the catering team!