The St Chris ‘Apple Fest‘ begins next week courtesy of ‘Be Green Together’ and each year group will have the opportunity to go apple picking!
Senior School students can either take the apples home – please bring your own bag/box – or they can be added to the boxes we are filling to make St Chris apple juice.  Students should meet Emma Bennett-Jones outside the Theatre at the following times if they’d like to join in:
I Group (Year 7): Monday 21 September at 1.15 pm
II Group (Year 8): Tuesday 22 September at 1.15 pm
III Group (Year 9): Wednesday 23 September at 1.15 pm
IV Group (Year 10): Thursday 24 September at 12.45 pm
V Group (Year 11): Friday 25 September at 12.45 pm
Sixth Form have the opportunity to go during Company Times – please ask Advisers.
Junior School: Lydia has organised for each class to go apple picking during the week.

For all those apple and cake enthusiasts, here is our recommended Nigel Slater Apple Cake recipe:


130 grams butter
130 grams caster sugar
3 apples
½ lemon (juice of)
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons demerara sugar
2 large eggs
130 grams plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
Sugar (a little extra)

  1. Set the oven at 180 °C/Gas 4.  Line the base of a square 24 cm cake tin, about 6 cm deep, with a piece of baking parchment.
  2. Put the butter and caster sugar into a food mixer and beat till light and fluffy.
  3. Whilst this is happening, cut the apples into small chunks, removing the cores as you go and dropping the fruit into a bowl with the juice of the half lemon. Toss the apples with the cinnamon and demerara sugar.
  4. Break the eggs, beat them with a fork, and then gradually add them to the butter and sugar. Sift the flour and baking powder together and fold them gently into the mixture.
  5. Scrape into the lined cake tin. Put the spiced apples on top of the cake mixture if you wish, a little more demerara sugar.
  6. Bake for fifty-five minutes to an hour.  The edges should be browning nicely and the centre firm.  Leave to cool for ten minutes or so before turning out.  Eat warm.  Enough for 8.