Over the past week our Junior School pupils have been taking part in a virtual sports day and have submitted their results to PE teacher Lyn!

Events included: Target Throw; the Potato & Spoon Race; the Sock Pickup; Paper Javelin Throw; Shuttle Runs; Standing Long Jump; the Slalom Run and Speed Bounce!

Here are the scores…

  • 1st Place: Gernon – 2307 points (Yellow)
  • 2nd Place: Godwin – 2161 points (Red)
  • 3rd Place: Lytton – 2108 points (Blue)

Well done to everyone who took part – here is a picture of winning captains Alfie and Jaisie, who were in school this week for their Year 6 day.

A huge thank you for all your videos and pictures – a selection of which you can see below – and to all our Junior School parents who supported the events!