Last week, parenting came to St Chris Junior school in a rather unusual way.

Every child from Reception to Year 6 (and all their teachers too) got involved in our mighty ‘Egg Babies’ project.

The purpose of the week was to have some fun in the penultimate week of what, for some, has been a tough term.

In addition, the project was designed to further develop empathy, compassion and responsibility.

Most of our children had great fun and took their duties very seriously indeed. Eggs were given names, clothed, had designer bedrooms created, bespoke transport, timetables for baby-sitting, video diaries, and even had play dates with fellow eggs.

Most of the egg babies survived the week but, of course there was the odd mishap and cracks, and at times even yolk appeared! Most of these were ‘stitched up’ (actually tape was used and in one instance hot glue!).

At the beginning of the week the children were all asked to think about what makes a good parent and at the end the question was revisited. It was interesting how many of them had a more developed respect and understanding of how challenging parenting can be.

A massive thank-you goes out to all the children and their parents for supporting the project with such good humour.

Zareena Subhani, Junior School Deputy Head