Usually, at this time of the year students in Years 7 to 9 would be preparing to go on their Late Summer Programme (LSP) trips over the last week of the term.

The week provides an exciting opportunity to share unique experiences and undertake new challenges. The LSP usually marks both the end of a hectic term and the transition to the long Summer holidays. This year is very different but, in an attempt to mark the LSP week, we have organised three ‘challenges’ for students to participate in!

Our Director of Activities, Byron, outlines the challenges below. Please let us know how you get on and share any photos or videos of your activities with

Tuesday 7 July – Sleep out at home challenge

On LSPs accommodation is usually pretty basic – whether it be in tents or hut-based dorms. The challenge is to replicate the joys and tribulations of LSP accommodation by abandoning your usual comfy bed. Instead, you need to spend the night in either a tent, gazebo, hammock, treehouse or just lying under the stars. If you don’t have a suitable safe outdoor space you can create your own indoor den in the house.

Wednesday 8 July – Camping cookery challenge

On LSPs staff and students work together to prepare the food on basic camping stoves and with limited access to other cooking equipment and with limited, and often basic, ingredients. The challenge is to cook at least one outside meal on a BBQ, camp stove or fire pit. Alternatively, students should aim to cook a ‘one-pot’ meal inside (using only one saucepan on a hob: no microwaves, ovens, sous vide baths!)

Thursday 9 July – Physical journey challenge

On LSP there are always opportunities to explore surroundings. Today there will be no online lessons. Instead students are encouraged to go and explore their local surroundings. This may be with friends or family but needs to be local. No cars or no public transport. You can walk, cycle, canoe, SUP, by horse, by skateboard, on a pogo stick ….! The journey should be up to two hours in duration. The journey may be a challenge itself, but may include activities such as an art or photographic walk, complete a geocache trail, or find somewhere to enjoy a picnic.