Jenny White has posted this week’s Sports Day Hurdling Challenge onto SMHW for Senior School pupils – below you’ll find a video of Connie (I Group/Year 7) showing us how it’s done!  (Thank you to Connie for inspiring the Challenge this week.) There is a Tennis/Badminton Rallying Challenge too, for those who’d prefer to keep their feet on the ground!

Hurdling Challenge

Hurdling Challenge – Set up and jump your own hurdle! And/or perhaps get the pets of your household involved!

You could extend the challenge by creating a hurdling course or going straight into another skill of your choice (subject to space, equipment and a safe landing!)

In the video below Connie has used garden canes and washing line pegs to create her hurdle.

Safety: Please ensure that any hurdle you create will fall off/over in your direction of travel if you knock into it. Ensure your landing foot is pointing forward (perpendicular to the hurdle bar) to secure a stable landing.

Tennis/Badminton-style Rally Challenge

What is the maximum number of consecutive rallies you can do with a partner in 30 seconds?

If you don’t have a partner available then you could set this up against a wall.

Use any (safe!) implements to rally with – extra points for originality!

Rally Challenge Examples

Share your experience

Please do email in your videos of you completing the challenges to! You can earn points for your House and have the option of inspiring others to take part, if you’re happy to share it via the School’s Social Media