We are having a Boarders’ Stay at Home Street Party on Friday, 8 May from 1.00 pm, tying in with VE Day celebrations.  Here is the MS Teams outline of events:
  • Rich introduces and talks about boarding in the future and answers questions
  • Boarding house staff each give a piece of advice during lockdown
  • Boarders vote in a poll on activities they would like to do remotely in boarding
  • St Chris kahoot quiz
  • Students get to choose or drop in and out of a choice of these activities:
    • Tea and chats with Arundale (lead by Chris)
    • Tea and chats with Arunside (lead by Angeles)
    • Boarders’ Bake off – making scones ready for VE day afternoon tea (Emma)
    • Battle of the Boarders – active games and challenges (Kirsty)
There’s no end time, just stick around for as long as you’d like.  You’ll be able to dip in and out of channels and see what everyone else is doing too.
We look forwarding to seeing you there!