Well done to all our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils who took part Baubles!, their Christmas Nativity this week.

Baubles! is a sparkly nativity that weaves the traditional Christmas story through a contemporary primary school setting with a good helping of funny songs and a quirky cast of characters!

One of our Year 7 Senior School pupils perhaps described the show best with this review: “I really liked the play, Baubles, as it showed the Christmas story really well and it was laid out perfectly. The humour was so great I often found myself laughing at a joke they had made. They sang all their songs really well and remembered all their lines perfectly. They were so full of enthusiasm and I know that if there is another opportunity to watch it again, I will not hesitate to go.”

Thank you to Carmel Momen-Southall for the pictures.