Year 7 (I Group) took part in the Bake Off this week – their challenge was too bake the best flavoured or plain shortbread.  The competing teams were:
  • Matthew, Wolf, Freya and Mia (Anne- Marie’s Company) with vanilla shortbread with a blue chocolate glaze and edible flowers;
  • Millie, Ethan, Chloe and Darcie (Angeles Company) with white chocolate orange caramel ‘bat’ biscuits;
  • Conor, Stan, Charlie and Sorcha (Andrew’s Company) with strawberry jam shortbread with a sweet glaze; and
  • Toby, Will, Buster and Bertie (Simon’s Company) with ‘Witches Fingers’ (zesty lime and strawberry shortbread).

The teams impressed us with their enthusiasm and organisation and their baking showed off their great imaginations and inventiveness.  Great care was taken and the biscuits were beautifully presented.  The judges enjoyed trying them all and had a difficult time choosing the winners as they all tasted so delicious.  After much discussion, it was decided that Anne-Marie’s Company should win.  Congratulations to Matthew, Wolf, Freya and Mia!

Becky Belson
Head of Food & Nutrition