The penultimate Bake Off challenge this week was Year 8’s (II Group) turn to bake the most delicious and well presented pizza!  The entrants were:
  • Tom, Ted and Ray (Emma’s Company) baked an International Pizza with marinated jack fruit;
  • Louis, Ruth and Seb (Sue’s Company) baked a Rainbow Pride Pizza with a stuffed crust and an Olive and Pineapple Pizza with a mozzarella stuffed crust and a dipping sauce; and
  • Harry, Holden, Chloe and Kate (Jeremy’s Company) baked a Heart-shaped Pizza inspired by Venice and a Stuffed Crust Surprise.
As always the competition was tough and it was very tricky for the judges to make a final decision but it was finally decided that Sue’s Company were the winners.  Well done Louis, Ruth and Seb.  Congratulations to all for their fantastic efforts!
Becky Belson
Head of Food and Nutrition