Scarecrows may lack brains, but they don’t lack a heart or a voice at St Chris!!

Senior School pupils from Year 7 (I Group) to Year 10 (IV Group) have been readying themselves for the much anticipated bi-annual Foxton Scarecrow Festival. Since the beginning of term, they have been gathering materials that would have otherwise been thrown away, and re-purposed them to make some striking scarecrows.

Three groups from St Chris entered together as scarecrows at a climate change protest complete with banners, but there was some tough competition from the other 49 entries. Paddington bear, the dog walker and stick man very much deserved getting onto the winner’s podium, and we will be sure to up our game and try again in 2021! We did however get a mention for a strong environmental display, and you can see the full write up in the Royston Crow here.

Well done to those students who worked so hard! Put your thinking ‘straw hats’ on for the next one!

Emma Bennett-Jones and Helen Hunt

Green Creative Crafts Options Class