This week was Year 9’s (III Group) turn to compete in Bake Off: they were given the challenge of baking the best muffin!  Yet again the standard of baking was very high and the competing teams were:

  • Billie, Daisy and Zac (Emma’s Company) made rose and raspberry muffins with vanilla icing;
  • Esme, Taiah and Karishma (James’s company) baked marbled chocolate muffins; and
  • Lucus, Jamie and Thillana (Alaine’s company) baked mini choc-chip muffins with buttercream icing.

It was a tough job to judge them as they were all delicious but in the end Billie, Daisy and Zac were victorious!  Well done to everyone who took part.

Becky Belson
Head of Food & Nutrition