This week saw the first whole school meeting of the term to discuss and vote on motions passed by the Senior School Council.

The meeting is chaired by the Head Girl and Head Boy who raise the motions passed, manage the arguments and opposing arguments and then call the vote.

This week we voted on:

  • Having recyclable cups in the Year 7 social space – Passed. The cups used are compostable but our Be Green group will investigate further.
  • Introducing electric school minibuses rather than diesel ones – Not passed. The Be Green group will investigate further.

There was also time at the end of the meeting to discuss freemans’ business which can then be brought to the next School Council. This included discussing:

  • The introduction of school bells at the end of break and lunch
  • The introduction of further modern foreign languages
  • The introduction of an acapella singing group and more guitar tuners in the music department.