The Senior School ‘Bake Off’ continued yesterday with IV Group (Year 10) being given the challenge of creating a flavoured and shaped bread!

There were some truly inventive, imaginative and tasty offerings:

  • Eleanor and Amy (Cyrille’s Company) baked some Little Pizza Piggies;
  • Mimi, Eddie, George and Samara (Sarah’s Company) created Ninja Turtles which consisted of matcha and milk chocolate milk bread with dark chocolate shells;
  • Raff, Hamish, Alicia and Saul (Mike’s Company) baked a Rosemary Foccacia in the shape of the St Chris flame; and
  • Roxy and Carlo (Seb’s Company) baked a garlic and salsa cheesy fish bread.

The standard of baking was very high and the competition tough but the winners were Sarah’s Company with the Ninja Turtles – they looked and tasted fantastic and congratulations to all that took part!

Becky Belson
Head of Food & Nutrition