Boarding has been busy with a buzz of activity these past few weeks. Boarders of all ages have enjoyed coming together for various events. We had a wonderful BBQ where the rain stayed away, the sun shone and boarders and staff enjoyed their dinner on the lawn. We followed this with a lively and spirited quiz, teams where mixed and the competitive spirit was evident, especially in the tie breaker games at the end.
On Friday 13 September we celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at Arunside, younger boarders from Arundale joined us to make red lanterns to hang in the trees, drink green tea and eat moon cake in a candle lit garden. Everyone enjoyed being together, although moon cake was an acquired taste for some!
Also that weekend we went to Thorpe Park for a day trip which was a lot of fun for everyone!
Last Tuesday we all came together again for a trip bowling, which was great fun and in some cases pretty competitive. We finished our induction programme with an evening where we ate houseparent Cecilia’s wonderful waffles, a firm favourite of all the boarders no matter their age. Mountains of waffles and plentiful bowls of strawberries and cream were all polished off in no time, yum.
It’s been a fantastic opportunity for all the boarders, old and new, to get to know each other, build friendships and settle into life at St Chris.
Ruth Miller, Arunside Houseparent