Today we are marking the international global climate strike with a St Chris Climate Day.

Members of our Be Green Together group gave a Morning Talk to pupils in the Senior School.

Pupils from Year 7 (I Group) to Year 9 (III Grp) presented information about the global school strikes, explained who Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg are and pointed pupils to resources to find out more.

They also went on to give everyday tips on how to save electricity, water and fuel and information about how to reduce waste – both in school and at home.

Scarlett Somerville in Year 9 (III Group) said: “Some people say that school strikes won’t make a difference and children should stay in school but the government cannot ignore us and by stopping us from striking they are taking away our democratic rights to demonstrate. If nothing gets done in the next 10 years, there will be nothing to save.”

Teacher Emma Bennett-Jones then encouraged all pupils to change one thing – be it small, such as recycling crisp packets in the Dining Hall or choosing St Chris apples at lunch to reduce our carbon footprint, or be it big – such as by becoming a vegetarian or not buying new clothes and instead sharing or swapping clothes to combat fast fashion and its resulting high levels of waste.

Throughout the rest of today lessons will follow a climate change theme for example in English, pupils are writing postcard from a dystopian future where nothing has been done to combat climate change and in maths, pupils will be using actual climate data to solve problems.