This week our Year 13 Peer Mentors successfully trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. 

The training started with a discussion about bullying looking at the facts, the definition and the effects of bullying. The group then explored scenarios on bullying and looked at practical ideas and top tips and basic training that covered the skills needed to support others and stay safe.

The training also covered:
·         Online safety and approaches students and staff can take to staying safe online and educating their peers
·         A networking session with students from other schools to share ideas
·         Video examples of schools they currently work with
·         Action planning – helping students to think of a plan to take back to school and set targets and aims
·         Plus lots more, including fun games…!

After the training, the students become ambassadors for anti-bullying at school and assist with the planning and delivery of anti-bullying week as well as programmes and events throughout the year.

Well done everyone!