IMG_0475This week we have marked Anti-Bullying Week 2018 in the Junior and Senior Schools.

On Monday Year 6, 7 and 8 pupils took part in a virtual reality workshop.

They observed a bullying situation from different perspectives – bully, victim, bystanders, friends – and then discussed the thoughts and feelings of each character, and why they might be behaving in this way.

There were discussions on what they could do if they see bullying in school and also what to do outside of school. There were also discussions about cyber bullying and how to report issues that arise online.

IMG_0469The theme of Anti-Bullying Week 2018 is ‘Choose Respect’ – which fit well with our fundraiser, a sing-along session to film The Greatest Showman, which tackles issues such as accepting, respecting and celebrating difference.

Raising money for Red Balloon

We have raised money, via the sing-along screening and a cake sale in the Junior and Senior Schools on Friday, for the charity Red Balloon

Founded in 1996, Red Balloon is a community in which children who have been traumatised by bullying or other events and circumstances can feel safe, regain their self-esteem, get back on an academic track and become confident enough to be able to rejoin their mainstream peers.

For more information about Red Balloon click here:

For more information about Anti Bullying Week 2018 click here to visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.