STANDALONE10K_0735On Sunday 7 October eight St Chris pupils joined 1600 runners to take part in the 2018 Standalone 10k race.

The students all ran incredibly well, and achieved impressive times and personal bests. Callum Turner came an impressive 61st with a time of 39.16 and Edward Smith came 68th with a time of 39.37, both beating their times from last year.

A sprint finish was the only decider between Jake Miles (41.10), Tom McClymont (41.15) and Sid Davies (41.15) with Stan Brown (42.06), Louis Standing (52.10) and Sasha Loubesnki (52.17) all finishing shortly after, again with impressive times.STANDALONE10K_0661

Prior to the race the runners took part in training sessions with members of staff Mike Li and Seb Aguilar every Wednesday afternoon, and the sixth form runners ran their own training sessions for competitive speeds. Congratulations to all who took part!

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