IMG_0244 WOn Tuesday 6 February students from both the Junior and Senior School joined 6000 young people in the O2 Arena in London to take part in Young Voices 2018.

Here’s what some of the participants from St Chris has to say:

“The O2 trip was amazing! When we first got there we all had our lunch outside and we saw so many other schools; it was great to see so many other excited children. We had a long rehearsal with all the schools in the arena for a couple of hours with a man called David. He showed us how to do harmonies in the songs and he made the rehearsal so much fun by making us do the Mexican and the African wave. Andy was the man in charge of all the dance moves with his dance group Urban Strides. They were amazing! The day was so much fun and when we all performed together that evening, it was magical. My favourite part was when Andy and his group said that they were going to dance something a bit old school and then they danced this amazingly choreographed dance that was far from old school! This was my second time at Young Voices and it’s truly a night to remember!” Charlotte, Year 8 (II Group)

“I had so much fun at the O2. With the massive young voices choir, it was amazing! There were some amazing songs and the dancers were so good! I hope to go again next year.” Jess, Year 8 (II Group)

“The whole experience was incredible. Right from the first rehearsal to the actual show, you could really feel how much everyone had put in to the show. From the band, to Urban Strides, to the teachers, you could just tell everyone had put in so much time effort. And it paid off. The show was so fantastic that I couldn’t pick out a favourite moment. Could it be singing Africa or seeing Andy and Urban Strides with their amazing moves or the Magnets and their incredible voices. Or even just being able to sing with your friends. I would totally recommend it as an experience of a lifetime.” Stan, Year 10 (IV Group)

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