IMG_1204Our final week in the St Chris Bake Off competition saw Year 7 tackling the key baking textures of crunchy, crumbly, chewy and (ahem) snappy in Biscuit Week!

Zoe, Bea, Abi and Hannah from Angele’s Company made chocolate chip cookies which were rich and colourful.

Chocolate chips also proved popular with Andy’s Company: Zac and Jamie made orange zest and chocolate chip cookies, which had a good texture and flavour, while Ed made American-style chocolate chip cookies with orange.

Shuli, Rachel and Esmae, also from Andy’s Company, impressed the judges with their Moo Moos ginger snap with Hansel and Gretel presentation. The judges’ comments were “a great tasting biscuit with a dramatic and thoughtful presentation.”

To round proceedings up, Emma’s Company produced three different types of biscuit: Zack and Amar made oat biscuits (no egg) which were well cooked and tasted great; Scarlett made Shrewsbury biscuits which were delicious and had a good texture; Thillana, Daisy and Katie made home-grown rosemary and lemon biscuits, which were innovatively presented and were striking and tasty.

Well done to all the competitors who made such a great effort and had lots of fun with the competition.

It was a very difficult decision for the judges – Andy Selkirk, Maria, Kate and Wendy. They declared Emma’s Company the winners because all of the biscuits impressed the judges and because they produced such a wide variety of different biscuits that were tasty and impressive.


Angeles Company- Zoe, Bea, Abi and Hannah – choc chip cookies with choc icing


Andy’s Company -Shuli, Rachel and Esmae – Moo Moos ginger snaps in Hansel and Gretel


Andy’s Company – Zac, Ed and Jamie – delicious orange zest and choc chip cookie.


Emma’s winning Company – Rosemary (home grown) and lemon biscuits


Emma’s winning Company – Amar and Zack oat biscuits (no egg) – cooked well and tasted great.

Scarlett – Shrewsbury biscuits – great taste and cooked to perfection.