3Last week we had a fantastic time in school recognising Anti-Bullying Week.

The week included a talk from the British Transport Police about safety and respect on trains, and sixth form students delivered a lunchtime drop-in presentation on Online Awareness – How to try and prevent cyber bullying and cyber intimidation.

In company time students worked on a number of topics including looking at the idea of Am I A Bully? and the issue of sexual harassment.


The week also included workshops delivered by Action Work. All students from Reception to Year 11 took part and learnt techniques on how to stand up to any unkindness or bullying. In the workshops for younger students, puppets were used to show how to share and be a good friend whereas the older students looked at the idea of manipulation and cyber bullying. The staff and parent workshop was well attended with a focus on how to empower those children that are being bullied and how to help those children that are being unkind to recognise that behaviour in themselves and enable them to change.

6Year 11 spent a day looking at the Complexities of Gender and focused on issues such as gender identity; gender based bullying and LGBTQ issues.

Throughout the week students embarked on an odd sock challenge and were asked to Instagram the PSHE Department (@StChris_PSHE) with their most creative picture of their odd socks.

Here are some of the entries: