Our boarders went to London on Tuesday 13 December to visit Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

Here’s Harry’s description of the trip:

“Winter Wonderland is one of the most wonderful places in London. When I went there with my friends we could not contain ourselves when we arrived and immediately headed for the Rollercoasters. Our first was Hangover which was the most thrilling and fun ride I’ve ever been on, but I can’t say my friend had the same experience. It was 85m up and it dropped us to the ground. The only thing we could hear before we fell was a man saying ‘Gooodbyee…..’. One of the nicest things was the atmosphere which was filled with love and laughter, but the most magical thing in my opinion was the ice ring. As I watched from the side I could see so many people holding hands with their best friends for support whilst skating on the ice. So overall me and my friend had a great time at the park and I hope we get to go their again soon.” Harry.

This term there have been lots of dedicated activities for our boarders at weekends and in the evenings including:

  • A BBQ at Arunside
  • Visit to Ely Cathedral
  • Visit to Cambridge
  • Sushi Night in the Veggie Centre
  • Cycling at Grafham Water
  • Fun Science Experiments weekend
  • Stevenage Trampoline Park
  • Climbing, Big Rock Milton Keynes
  • Visit to the Seaside at Brighton
  • Indoor Golf and Bowling, Stevenage
  • Christmas Market in Lavenham
  • Christmas Meal
  • Theatre Trip to London’s West End

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